Episode 9

Finding Overachievers in Overlooked Industries with Martin Kess from Fractal

In this episode of The Better Build, we sit down with Martin Kess, Head of Engineering at Fractal, a venture studio on a mission to launch vertical B2B SaaS companies into billion-dollar industries. With an impressive background that spans from Google and Lyft to now steering the ship at Fractal, Martin brings a wealth of experience and unique insights into building successful tech startups.

Fractal's innovative approach to identifying and capitalizing on hidden opportunities in niche markets has led to the launch of over 140 startups. Martin discusses the qualities they look for in founding CTOs, the importance of grit and adaptability in the startup world, and how Fractal supports its companies through the journey from idea to market leader.

Listeners will also get a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges of remote work, the advantages of a distributed team, and how empathy and curiosity play crucial roles in understanding and solving real-world problems with technology.

Whether you're a tech leader, a startup founder, or simply fascinated by the art of building impactful companies, this episode offers valuable lessons on leadership, innovation, and the power of looking where others aren't.

Key Moments:

The essential traits of a founding CTO and how to scale from a solo engineer to leading a dynamic team. (03:10)

The unique model that Fractal uses to identify billion-dollar opportunities in overlooked industries. (13:41)

Insights into the challenges and triumphs of scaling over 140 startups (19:43)

The impact of remote work on startup culture and product development. (43:35)

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