Episode 13

A Result is Only as Good as the System which Begets It with Yevgen Reztsov (Bison, Walmart, Intuit)

Mission Co-founder Gabriel Sundaram sits down with Yevgen Reztsov (currently working on a stealth mode startup, formerly Walmart Global Tech, Intuit, Bison Technologies) for one of our most technical deep dives into AI yet! Listen to this episode whether you're an expert on the subject or just want to become one, as Yevgen is excellent at making even dense subject matter accessible without dumbing it down.

Here are some other key topics from their wide-ranging conversation:

What's missing for teams trying to do machine learning (09:22)

A story on how customers can misuse AI if you don't deploy it carefully (26:12)

A window into the San Diego community and tech scene (28:27)

A warning on highly unpopular remote management decisions and how to avoid them (34:17)

Why "one size fits all" policies can be destructive (34:42)

How to avoid purely transactional meetings (37:36)

"I feel like the outcome you observe is an inevitable result of the system that begets it." (48:26)

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